Cracker & Camper Van Beethoven Share Krummenacher

Huh? All right… Victor Krummenacher, co-founder of ’80s college rock faves Camper Van Beethoven, is currently out on tour with both CVB and Cracker. Cracker, you may know, was started by fellow CVB co-founder David Lowery after CVB broke up. Both bands are still/back in action, and the current tour sees them sharing the stage. Each band does its own set, then they get together at the end of the night for a massive encore. Holding down the low end all night long is Krummenacher, playing his P-Bass through an Ampeg SVT cab and head. The night I saw them at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, the CVB/Cracker Supergroup did a scorching rendition of “Interstellar Overdrive”, the epic Pink Floyd tune (probably in homage to Syd Barrett, RIP; also covered by CVB on their second LP, II & III). Krummenacher artfully worked in the bass line from “Lucifer Sam” for added groove factor. (This photo is of Victor K. and David Lowery onstage in 2006 in Richmond, VA, taken by Jessica Bahlman.)


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