Bad Religion's Jay Bentley Spits All Over Ampeg


Bad Religion is currently on tour in North America. Our Artist Relations dude recently went out to visit them on their Seattle stop with Four Year Strong and Rise Against.

Jay recently swapped out his older SVT head for an all-new, US-made Heritage SVT-CL. We tried to convince him that a new 810 cab was in order, but he strongly refused. Take a look at the pic…that thing is beat up. But that’s exactly how Jay likes it.

Seems that Jay has a habit of spitting during shows. During the early years, that meant that band mates, audience members and security were often the unintentional targets. The complaints got so bad that, about ten years ago, he was forced to start spitting on the only thing on stage that was his…his SVT stack! A little disturbing and gross…maybe. But better the stack than you in the front row, that’s for sure.

So, for good or for bad, Jay will keep his old 810. When we asked him about the new Heritage SVT-CL head, he said, “…other than being the very best Ampeg SVT I have ever played, it also seems to have taller rubber feet {smiles}.” Maybe he is aiming to spit in between the head and the cab. Who knows?

Visit Bad Religion’s website for upcoming shows, music and more.

Visit the Ampeg site to learn more about the Heritage SVT line of bass heads and cabs.


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