Ampeg Contest Winners Announced – Six String Sweepstakes and #AmpegGuitar

We would like to announce the winners of two recent Ampeg giveaways.

Ampeg Six String Sweepstakes
This Facebook-driven contest celebrated the launch of the new Ampeg Heritage R-12R Reverberocket. The grand prize is an Ampeg GVT52-112 All-Tube Guitar Combo. The randomly selected winner is:

Jim Lipscomb
Nashville, IN

#AmpegGuitar Twitter Contest
Ampeg followers on Twitter were encouraged to re-tweet any tweet from @Ampeg with the #AmpegGuitar hashtag during the contest period. The winner will receive an Ampeg Micro-CL Stack. The randomly selected winner is:

Lucas Heise
Uelversheim, Germany

If you have any questions about these contests, please contact us at


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