Billy Sheehan Giveaway Winner Announced


Ampeg is a proud sponsor of Bass Frontier’s Billy Sheehan
Giveaway. Well, the winner has been announced and the lucky winner is Nick B.
from Houston, Texas. He is a lifelong fan of Billy Sheehan. “The bass rocks and the
amp is f-in’ loud!” said Nick. Our sentiments exactly.



As the winner, Nick won Yamaha’s new BB414 bass, signed by
Sheehan himself and Ampeg’s powerful BA210SP combo.  Ampeg’s BA210SP combo is a dream rig, no question about it.
Who doesn’t dream of the trusted tone and power of an Ampeg AND the added
feature of 16 digital samples of classic analog bass effects, all with the
portability of a combo? What a musical playground: Chorus, Flange, Phase
Shifter, Reverb, Octavider, Echo, Slapback, Funk Wah, Reverse Wah,
Chorus/Echo/Wah, OctaWah, SVT, Synth Bass 1, Synth Bass 

2, Square Wave, and
Bypass… Wow, convenience and creativity at your fingertips! The solid-state
preamp offers 3-band EQ with Ampeg’s flexible and unique ‘Style’ mid tone
Control, as well as CD/MP3 input and headphone out. The solid state power
section pumps 220 Watts of power through 2-10″ speakers and a 1″
piezo tweeter, all in a 76-pound, 21″x21″x15.5″ package. With
the BA210SP, Ampeg truly leaves little left to be desired.

Congratulations Nick. Ampeg would like to thank both Billy
Sheehan and the great people at Bass Frontiers Magazine for making this


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