VIDEO: Ampeg Portaflex Series Introduction

Dino “Mr. Ampeg” Monoxelos is back with another great video straight from Ampeg. First in a new Portaflex series of vids is the introduction. The term Portaflex is synonymous with classic Ampeg design. From the groundbreaking original B-15 design by Jess Oliver to a whole range of Portaflex combos over the years that have proven to be great-sounding and highly-portable.

Now, with the all-new Portaflex Series, you get everything you love about the classic “flip-top” design with two high-powered, ultra-compact heads that give you all the tone you need.
Check out the introduction video below to learn why Portaflex amps are often referred to as “flip-tops.” There are more Portaflex videos on the way. If you want specific details on Portaflex Series heads or cabs, click here.


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